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Goal Orientation Theory and Education

Goal Orientation Theory and Education
In “The Little Engine That Couldn’t,” we see the frustration that Russell Esky, a prototypical rookie teacher feels while working within the system to teach children, struggling to deal with motivation problems that spring forth from both the system and from external environments, but seemingly blaming his struggles on only himself and factors external to the system (at least he doesn’t blame... 

It’s Time for a New Education Model

It's Time for a New Education Model
Despite revolutionary innovations in most industries (e.g., communications, medicine, transportation) over the past two hundred years that have forced firms to continuously adapt and improve in order to satisfy customers, the education industry has resisted change. There are over 55 million children attending one of over 132,000 primary or secondary schools in the United States. The overwhelming super... 

Why I have dedicated my career to homeschooling (condensed version)

Why I have dedicated my career to homeschooling (condensed version)
Life wasn’t very easy on my single father, my younger brother and me as we grew up in government housing in Pottsville, PA. I took it upon myself to help raise my younger brother. I would help him with his homework, get in fights with bullies on his behalf, and by the time I was a teenager, I was coaching his baseball and basketball teams. I took great pride in my ability to help him forge a... 

Homeschooling for Libertarians – Interview

Homeschooling for Libertarians - Interview
Today I was interviewed by Drew Martin and Wes Messamore. We spoke about homeschooling, education, liberty, and the state. I enter the conversation at 31:15.  Read More →
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