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Homeschooling for Libertarians – Interview

Homeschooling for Libertarians - Interview
Today I was interviewed by Drew Martin and Wes Messamore. We spoke about homeschooling, education, liberty, and the state. I enter the conversation at 31:15.  Read More →

Hugging banned, education irrelevant

Hugging banned, education irrelevant
What do you do when you are a school principal or teacher and you have a child that will not conform to the rules of the school or a particular lesson being taught? What do you do when that child threatens to derail the culture that you are trying to create or preserve? Do you flex and accommodate every need of the child, or do you coerce the child into complying with your rules so that order can be... 

What If a Child Does Not Want to Learn (Part 2 of 2)

What If a Child Does Not Want to Learn (Part 2 of 2)
The most important thing a parent can do to ensure a child has a desire to learn is to never allow them to believe that education only occurs in big concrete buildings filled with teachers. Nothing destroys the desire to learn more than being put in a box and being yelled at by people indifferent to the ultimate success (however you may define it) of a child. For most children, schools are where ambition,... 

School – A Sonnet

School - A Sonnet
I went to school full of hope and joy Who could know all there is to know? Not I Grey-haired adults my knowledge would enhance My false assumptions they would then belie. I was told to stand up against the wall They gave me a number in place of name They said I could color but dare not draw I quickly realized we were all the same. Teacher told me lies about history Indians helped through the first... 
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