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School – A Sonnet

School - A Sonnet
I went to school full of hope and joy Who could know all there is to know? Not I Grey-haired adults my knowledge would enhance My false assumptions they would then belie. I was told to stand up against the wall They gave me a number in place of name They said I could color but dare not draw I quickly realized we were all the same. Teacher told me lies about history Indians helped through the first... 

The Effect of Khan Academy on Education

The Effect of Khan Academy on Education
In 2004, Salman Khan was an MIT and Harvard educated hedge fund analyst who spent his free time remotely tutoring his cousin Nadia in math. When other family and friends asked for his help he started putting his tutorials on YouTube, and soon enough he became a YouTube sensation. In 2006 he launched Khan Academy and in 2009 he quit his finance job and turned all of his efforts to providing a “free... 
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