How to get into Harvard as a Homeschooler - Agora I/O (Video)
Here is the video from my other presentation with the latest Agoro I/O conference. Skip the first 2:50. Enjoy.  Read More →
Homeschooling is the Future of the Liberty Movement - Agora I/O (Video)
Here is a video from the latest Agoro I/O conference I participated in – my first ever online conference. Most of it was off the cuff. Skip the first 3:30. Enjoy.  Read More →
What If a Child Does Not Want to Learn (Part 1 of 2)
Children are natural learners – they are eager to investigate the mysteries of life and the world around them. They seek constant self-improvement on numerous levels, and as social beings they demand attention from adults and try to become a part of a grownup world. The problem with society today is that we find... 
Education Tops Government Employment
Good enough for government work.The U.S. Census Bureau recently revealed that the majority of the 16.6 million full-time government employees at the state and local level work in the education field. There are 9.0 million people around the country who work in secondary and elementary education, which also happens to... 
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