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Who Should NOT Homeschool?


Homeschooling provides the best learning environment for the majority of children, irrespective of parental socioeconomic status or educational attainment.  Homeschooling has the potential to help maximize the potential of tens of millions of students over the next decade.  Homeschooling has the ability to save more children from destructive public schools than all other education reform initiatives combined.

Despite the superiority of homeschooling, some parents would be better off sending their kids off to a regular brick and mortar school.  Below is a list of some of those reasons.

Education of Parent: Opponents of homeschooling often argue that parents who do not have a college degree and a teaching certificate are not able to provide the type of education that a certified teacher can. This argument has been disproven time and again, although public school advocates believe that if they repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it is true. In fact, studies have shown that the children of the least “educated” parents tend to do the best relative to public school peers whose parents share the same education background. There are a myriad of reasons why this is the case, but it is the case. However, there is an argument to be made against homeschooling for those parents who have never mastered the simplest academic concepts, such as basic reading or arithmetic. That subset of the population is nominal at best (and most likely the product of a failed public school). Anyone who is reading this article is most likely not in that group.

Demanding Professions: It is simply not true that in order to homeschool one parent has to stay at home. There are dual-income households that successfully homeschool, and there are single-parent households that successfully homeschool. However, it is true that some jobs make it prohibitively difficult for a parent to homeschool. Parents who are never home, working 100+ hours a week in investment banking or corporate law are often not able to put the time and effort into homeschooling that most other parents can. Parents who need to travel often and cannot bring their children to meetings also will have difficulty homeschooling.  However, if the children have not yet had their intellectual curiosity sapped out of them by the public school system, they can lead a self-directed education through unschooling, which allows some parents with more demanding careers the opportunity to save their kids from the public school system.

Two Parents Who Disagree on Education: No matter how well intentioned a spouse may be, if they are not willing to support homeschooling they could undermine the experience for the children. Homeschooling is difficult enough when extended family and friends question your motives and tactics.

Impatient Parents: Homeschooling is not easy. It requires a lot of planning, perseverance, patience, and love. It is a full-time job, there are few weekend or summer breaks for homeschool parents.  Emotionally unstable or easily agitated parents may want to consider other education alternatives for their children.

Thin-skinned Parents: People who do not homeschool will question your parenting choices. Some do it because they are uninformed, some do it because they are lemmings who repeat fallacies they’ve heard, and some do it because they feel insecure around parents who are providing a superior education for their children. Misinformed family members may also attack you for it. Fortunately, society is waking up to the fraud that is the public education system and more and more are realizing the benefits of homeschooling – so it is easier to homeschool today than it was 20 years ago. Nevertheless, if you are easily upset by criticism then homeschooling may not be a good option for you.

Parents Who Don’t Care About Their Children: This is not a flippant comment. Not all parents make their children the center of their world. Some care more about their profession or their free time than they do about their children. Some see their children as a burden to be dealt with for 18 years. These parents would make poor homeschool parents unless the child is naturally self-driven and intellectually curious. Homeschool parents on the other hand have an unbound love for their children. If you don’t believe me, attend a nearby homeschool conference and observe the difference in the interaction between homeschool families and the families you see around town.



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  1. Sia says:

    Impatient Parent: Hmm…this one I can see being my downfall. Note to self: I need to educate myself before I can homeschool any future kids. That’s the one thing that I can tackle. Disagreeing parents… wwell, can’t do much about that one as I don’t even know who said future kids’ dad would be.

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