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Public School Thugs


Today at noon I went to the ground floor of the rotunda at the Texas State Capitol Building to dance with a bunch of other liberty lovers who were celebrating their First Amendment rights in response to the violent assault on peaceful dancers at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial last weekend in Washington, D.C. There were two planned rallies scheduled around the time we decided to dance; a pro-public education rally at 11 am on the second floor of the rotunda, and an anti-TSA rally at 12:30 pm. Apparently, the public school proponents weren’t able to stick to their own plan, and they began to protest at about 11:45 am on the ground floor of the rotunda.  At noon we began dancing as planned, and apparently some of the public school proponents took offense to this, throwing out vulgar insults (for dancing?).

Obviously, these people thought that we were engaging in some sort of counter protest, because apparently a counter protest involves dancing and doesn’t touch upon the topic at hand in any way whatsoever.  While I would have loved to have protested against people demanding to take more of my tax money away from me so they could further destroy the lives of our children, the only thing they had to do was ask us what we were dancing for to realize that their gut reaction was wrong.

The public school proponents who were demanding that the state of Texas continue throwing money at the problem of public education eventually began to move to a different part of the Capitol Building at about 12:15, but not before one of their members (a male who looked to be in his forties) approached me, lowered his shoulder as he ran into me, and swiped my iPod earphones out of my hand and threw it on the ground. I picked them up and continued to dance. The man then swung around and tried to rip a Gadsen flag out of the hands of another dancer, at which time I put my hand between them and pushed him back, and told him that he was not to touch other peoples’ private property.  He then grabbed my iPod and threw it on the ground, breaking it.

The man should have been arrested and charged with assault, but apparently the Capitol Police are not in the business of apprehending people who engage in violent acts against peaceful people.

There were perhaps 100 public school advocates at the Capitol Building, and only one assaulted anyone. But there were quite a few who shouted obscenities at us, accusing us of being “Tea Party”, and trying to push the dancers around. This is not an anomaly either. When I came across another public education rally a couple of months ago, when I was asked if I supported “public education” I said that I didn’t, because public education is an oxymoron. At that point one of the protesters then launched into a profanity laced tirade. Further, the videos of the public education rallies across the nation show these mobs of public education advocates cursing at, trying to intimidate, and on occasion assaulting those who disagree with them.

At some point people might want to start connecting dots.  These public school advocates are demanding, sometimes in vulgar ways, that we the people be forced to pay more and more into the system that they disproportionately benefit from (which is obvious because most everyone else is harmed by the system). When they argue for more of our money, they disregard the fact that they are abject failures at the process of educating, or astoundingly they use their failures as an excuse to demand additional funding.  These people want the government to use violent force against those of us who do not agree with them, or they themselves use violence against us. These people are thugs.

There are many great teachers out there who work very hard to try to deliver a decent education to other peoples’ children. Sadly, those teachers are in the minority, and they are operating in a system which ensures that their efforts will be thwarted by the thugs that run the system. And while I honor those teachers who give it their all to educate children, from a parent’s perspective there really isn’t much of a choice. Rolling the dice with your child’s education simply is not worth it as the chances that an individual child will be untouched by thuggish teachers in a thuggish system over a 13 year period is infinitesimal. I don’t feel safe around public school thugs in public, and I certainly wouldn’t feel safe handing my kids over to them.



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  1. Ann Coulter was on Rush this morning discussing violent liberal behavior!

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