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College Admissions Consulting


Buehler Education’s primary goal is to unlock the full potential of children through education. We do that in several ways. First, we help parents identify their children’s unique learning styles and help them develop individualized academic programs to cater to those learning styles. Those programs are best delivered through homeschooling or unschooling, and help foster in children the desire for lifelong learning that is critical to maximizing their potential. Second, we tear down false stereotypes of homeschooling, we help educate parents on effective homeschooling, and we help defend parents from coercive and intrusive government in order to support their natural right to educate their children as they see fit. And third, we help homeschoolers who wish to attend highly competitive / elite universities gain admission through our consulting services. While we do not believe that college is a necessary pre-condition to a fulfilling life or successful career, we do believe that if one is to attend college, they are best served attending the very best school that they can get into (taking into account their goals, interests, personalities, and financial constraints).

We have served as an admissions representatives for both West Point and Stanford, we have helped placed under-served youth applicants in elite private prep schools, we have helped applicants get competitive scholarships and fellowships, we have helped numerous applicants get into the Federal Service Academies, we have helped place numerous applicants into the Harvard and Stanford MBA programs, and we have never been rejected by any school we’ve applied to (West Point, Stanford, Harvard). We know how to get people into the most competitive programs in the world. We marry this expertise with our understanding of the tremendous benefits of homeschooling and our ability to effectively convey those benefits in a powerful way to give the homeschooler the best possible chance of admission into a competitive / elite university.

We are different than other admissions consultants in several critical ways. First, as stated, we have expertise in admissions consulting AND homeschooling. Others may have expertise in one or the other, but Buehler Education is the one that sits in the overlapping region of the Venn Diagram that has most value to you. Second, we do not outsource our efforts to others – we provide all advising, editing, and guidance to you throughout the life of the partnership. Third, we will work with you beginning at the age of twelve. It is essential that homeschoolers begin preparing for college applications as early as possible. It is far easier for me to help you get into your dream school if you begin working with us at age 12, as opposed to 17. And finally, by helping you we help homeschoolers everywhere. Buehler Education wants to help 10 million children escape the public school system over the next decade. This migration from state coercion to education freedom will be aided by continued stories of homeschooling success – and many people measure education success through college placement.

Please see our Services & Pricing page for information on our various consulting programs.



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