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Public Schools Are Infested With Bullies

Public Schools Are Infested With Bullies
Bullying has become such a problem in schools that it has become the social issue du jour, with celebrities such as musician Lada Gaga, professional football player DeSean Jackson and President Barack Obama each having taken up the issue. The bullying does not have to emanate from public schools, but it overwhelmingly seems to. The bullying may be a result of more obvious factors such as race, socioeconomic... 

Education Quotes

Education Quotes
I am a huge fan of quotes, especially if they can open people up to new ideas that they’d otherwise ignore from just another layman. Quotes can come from honest people who are interested in advancing freedom and liberty, or they can come from corrupt people intent on reshaping the world for their preferred forms of tyranny. Today I choose to share with you some of my favorite (unverified) education... 

School – A Sonnet

School - A Sonnet
I went to school full of hope and joy Who could know all there is to know? Not I Grey-haired adults my knowledge would enhance My false assumptions they would then belie. I was told to stand up against the wall They gave me a number in place of name They said I could color but dare not draw I quickly realized we were all the same. Teacher told me lies about history Indians helped through the first... 

How to get into Harvard as a Homeschooler – Agora I/O (Video)

How to get into Harvard as a Homeschooler - Agora I/O (Video)
Here is the video from my other presentation with the latest Agoro I/O conference. Skip the first 2:50. Enjoy.  Read More →
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