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Abrome – Emancipated Learning

Abrome - Emancipated Learning
At the end of 2010, I moved from New York City to Austin, Texas with the vision of helping to grow the alternative education and homeschool movement. One year into it I was going to homeschool conferences, blogging, promoting alternative education on social media, getting teaching experience, giving speeches, and providing consulting to college applicants and parents of homeschoolers. Unfortunately,... 

Competition should have no place in K-12 education

Competition should have no place in K-12 education
“Let’s stop the hippy dippy nonsense and teach our kids that the real world sucks and that we need to learn how to deal with it.” Maybe not everyone should get a trophy, but maybe not everyone should be making YouTube videos. Competition currently has a very prominent place in K-12 academic settings, a central place, but it should not. The elevated position that competition has in K-12 academics... 

It’s Time for a New Education Model

It's Time for a New Education Model
Despite revolutionary innovations in most industries (e.g., communications, medicine, transportation) over the past two hundred years that have forced firms to continuously adapt and improve in order to satisfy customers, the education industry has resisted change. There are over 55 million children attending one of over 132,000 primary or secondary schools in the United States. The overwhelming super... 

Textbook Wars – Manipulating Minds for Political Benefit

Textbook Wars - Manipulating Minds for Political Benefit
People have found themselves outraged since the days of Adam & Eve 6,000 years ago. Or when we walked out of the plains of Africa 60,000 to 125,000 years ago. Or sometime in between. The point being, humans have always had something to fuss over, and as our species has developed the capacity become more efficient with our time, allowing us the freedom to not spend every waking moment trying to... 
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