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Should We Encourage Learning Through Rewards?

Should We Encourage Learning Through Rewards?
Educators have long wondered how they can get their students to learn more efficiently and to do well on the tests that are placed in front of them. And when the goal of education is efficiency in the classroom and desired outcomes on testing, the natural place to look to pull the levers necessary to achieve those goals is the children. By focusing on the children, however, educators take their eyes... 

My Educational Philosophy

My Educational Philosophy
This is a writeup of my educational philosophy for a joint venture I’m beginning to work with. Enjoy! Antonio has always believed that education is the key that can open up a world of opportunity to children and that the future of our society rests on our ability to help children access great education; therefore he has been working with children in a coaching, mentoring, teaching, philanthropic... 

It’s Time for a New Education Model

It's Time for a New Education Model
Despite revolutionary innovations in most industries (e.g., communications, medicine, transportation) over the past two hundred years that have forced firms to continuously adapt and improve in order to satisfy customers, the education industry has resisted change. There are over 55 million children attending one of over 132,000 primary or secondary schools in the United States. The overwhelming super... 

Caine’s Arcade and the Beauty of Creativity

Caine's Arcade and the Beauty of Creativity
As a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I often get into arguments with other graduate students over the necessity and effectiveness of compulsory, coercive education. Not surprisingly, most of the people who choose to get a Master of Education degree believe that in order for children to learn and reach their full potential, adults need to define for them what they will learn and... 
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