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We believe that each child is a gift to the world with unlimited potential. In order to unlock that potential, parents and teachers need to abandon the one-size-fits-all approach to education that destroys intellectual vitality and motivation. Education research informs us that the current schooling system is not only inefficient, but it is actually damaging to children. At Buehler Education, we mentor and coach students so they can construct individualized learning experienced based on their unique learning styles, interests and capabilities. In addition, we enable parents to become partners and resources for their children, so that they contribute to their learning experience.

Our work focuses on the following objectives:

  1. Foster in children a desire for lifelong learning
  2. Provide children with an education* that is unobtainable through the public school system
  3. Position children for admission into highly selective colleges and universities

We primarily work with homeschool/unschool families. We also work with parents looking to supplement their children’s public/private school offerings, or teachers and administrators who recognize that a one-size-fits-all teaching style is not effective.

*We do not consider ‘schooling’ to be a form of ‘education’.

About the Founder
Antonio Buehler is the Founder and CEO of Buehler Education.  Antonio is a proven leader who has overcome many obstacles to lead various organizations to new levels of excellence.

Raised in a single-parent household in an Eastern Pennsylvania coal mining town, Antonio Buehler was the first in his family to graduate from high school. He attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, and then, as a U.S. Army officer, Antonio completed six months of Airborne Ranger training where he honed the leadership skills and discipline that he had developed at West Point. In his first operational unit, he led the turnaround of two underperforming 27-soldier platoons in Kosovo and Germany. Antonio subsequently turned around the administration and logistics of a 67-soldier company, and executed the movement of thousands of U.S. soldiers from Europe and the United States to Iraq. Then, in a position normally reserved for senior officers with much more experience, Antonio solved critical supply shortages for the U.S. Army in the early days of the Iraq war. These tasks involved dealing with numerous American military units, foreign militaries, civilian contractors from half a dozen nations, and Shia, Sunni and Kurdish Iraqis. Antonio was commended for his actions and awarded a Bronze Star.

After the military, Antonio received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he interned as a private equity professional, technology consultant, and investment management consultant. After business school he worked as an investment banking Associate in the Financial Restructuring Group of Houlihan Lokey, where he advised two distressed middle-market companies. Antonio conducted due diligence and performed financial analyses to determine various strategic options available to the companies, including financings, restructurings, and sales to financial or strategic buyers. Antonio raised over $260 million in financing and redeemed $240 million in debt.  In 2008, Antonio launched Trophy Point Capital, a private equity firm focused on acquisitions in the alternative education space.  Trophy Point Capital was backed by a world class team of investors and advisors who collectively had decades of experience investing in, operating and growing hundreds of companies. The team included successful executives of businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 20 companies, entrepreneurs, and private equity investment professionals.

In 2010, Antonio decided to leave private equity so that he could dedicate his career to transforming education in America. He moved to Austin, TX and launched Buehler Education. In the following years Antonio became an outspoken advocate of alternative, progressive, homeschooling and unschooling education. At the same time, because of Antonio’s success in admissions (never been rejected by any school) and his success in helping friends with weak GPAs and standardized test scores get into top programs, his friends started referring their contacts to Antonio for admissions consulting services to MBA programs, to other graduate programs and to undergraduate colleges and universities. In the coming years Antonio helped applicants get into the most selective universities in America, including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton (Penn), MIT, Duke and Columbia.

From 2011-2013, Antonio chose to supplement his education experience by teaching at Skybridge Academy (formerly Bronze Doors Academy). He taught middle school and high school Mathematics, American History (pre-Revolution era), Entrepreneurship, Socratic Dialogue and worked with each student on individualized semester long projects. He also served as the college admissions advisor and advised the co-founder on a variety of issues related to academics and the culture of the school.

While Antonio enjoyed helping dozens of students through private and as a teacher, he was focused on finding a way to help the many millions of children who are having their love of learning, creativity and future potential destroyed by traditional schools.  Antonio decided to take a one-year sabbatical to attend the Harvard Graduate School of Education to engage in deeper studies regarding progressive education, learning styles and education psychology, as well as scalable alternatives to traditional education.

During his time at Harvard, Antonio joined with a classmate to launch Abrome, an online learning community for self-directed learners. Abrome provides a solution to the problems of traditional schooling through a facilitated learning environment that allows children to create their own learning experiences, while providing families with the support and validation that they need to walk away from traditional schooling models. Abrome has been structured to be able to grow rapidly, with the capability of transitioning millions out of traditional schools within the next decade. Abrome will be Antonio’s primary vehicle for change moving forward.

Antonio’s philanthropic activities have focused on education and helping those who are disadvantaged. He currently leads the Peaceful Streets Project, a grassroots movement to oppose police violence and crimes. He previously served on the Board of Governors for the West Point Society of New York. Antonio covered Congressional Districts NY-8 and NY-9 as a Field Force Representative for the West Point Department of Admissions. Antonio coordinated all college fairs for West Point in the five boroughs of New York City.  He also served as a liaison for both West Point and Stanford University at various college fairs in New York City.  Previously he has served as Treasurer and board member of A Caring Hand, a New York based non-profit focused on child bereavement. Antonio ran a program to clothe children in war-torn Kosovo, volunteered at a Bulgarian orphanage, coached high school football in Germany, mentored children in the United States, and sponsored three African children for a decade.

Antonio received his B.S. in Systems Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, an M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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